Adam Thorp

Adam is one of the industry’s most experienced specialists and thought leaders in the field of business growth and asset productivity. His 20 years of experience is widely sought for all facets of go-to market development, top and bottom-line growth. Adam has implemented revenue performance improvement initiatives across a diverse range of global and local businesses spanning diverse industires. A proven and trusted business leader who has a strong record of achievement through demonstrating the curiosity to understand the facts as they are now and the ability to recognise innovative and emerging patterns to fuel growth.  Join me on Linkedin

Belinda Davoren

Belinda brings 17+ years experience in sales force effectiveness and customer strategy development. Her experience comes from roles such as Director at Deloitte Consulting, heading up the Customer and Market Strategy practice. She has also held senior customer and sales roles at CUB, Siebel, Oracle, and Ansett Australia. As a leading consultant in the revenue performance space, Belinda has successfully developed and implemented a number of customer and sales effectiveness initiatives across a range of industry leaders from sales force effectiveness assessment and re-design through to customer segmentation and profitability assessments. Most recently she led the creation and implementation of the Sales Enablement program for CUB (SABMiller). She has now re-located to Singapore and heads up the TRED International Team to continue to enable organisations to drive real value from their revenue generation functions to deliver profitable growth.  Join me on Linkedin

John Carlton

John specialise in increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of communication, leadership and persuasion, to assist both people to more effectively deliver results. We facilitate excellence through developing the capacity of organisations and individuals to lead, align and interact. By developing the day-to-day interpersonal communication skills of people, teams and companies John maximises the capacity for people to more easily achieve their professional and personal objectives, be they sales, management or efficiency goals. John specialises in areas including: • Change Management • Culture Development • Mentoring • Negotiation • Presentations • Sales, Consulting and Business Development.  Join me on Linkedin

Stefan Grafe

Stefan has a background as a Creative & Strategy Director and Head of Consulting with the Bates and BBDO networks in Europe, Asia and Australia. He is the founder of mext and developer of the HuTrust® methodology. With a network of companies, partners & licensees internationally, mext help clients grow with vision, precision and certainty®. Key areas of expertise include brand development and strategy, customer engagement & experience, channel & category management and market research based on morphological psychology. Stefan has extensive experience in many categories and countries with clients like Allianz, Coca-Cola Amatil, Foster’s, Qatar Airways, HSBC, Sensis.... Through mext and partners, Stefan helps clients actively build trust (satisfaction & NPS) in their organisations, brands, people and products. Brand trust, Sales trust, Manager trust, Public trust. Consulting, Sales training, Manager coaching.  Join me on Linkedin