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06 Sep

Written by Adam Thorp

Common Traits of Australia's Top 10 Performing Companies

What the best performing enterprises are doing

Australia's best performing companies, or those with the best return on shareholder funds (ROSF) after tax, have a few things in common, according to analysis by IBISWorld.

This looked at all large enterprises in Australia, not just local or ASX-listed ones, over five years to 2015.

The pool was 1467 companies, representing 38% of Australia's $4.8 trillion revenue in 2015. The 1155 companies running at a profit had a ROSF of 15%.
The top 100 had a ROSF of 57%, one of the highest returns ever recorded, with combined revenue of $72 billion.

The top 10 are:

This is the industry view:

The most common characteristic of these successful companies is that they were focused on just one industry and not spread across sectors.
Of the top 100, 95 were in one industry while the other five were conglomerates with two or more sectors of business.

Here's what the top companies do well:

I bundle these into:

  • Focussed
  • Customer centric
  • Aligned
  • Leadership

How many of these characteristics does your organisation have?