Optimising the Sales Force

We provide consulting services and technology solutions to increase sales performance.  We optimise the sales organisation to deliver:

  • Improved productivity

  • Increased effectiveness

  • Reducing sales cycle time through increasing deal velocity

We help organisations achieve their desired business outcomes and more effectively manage the consistent demand for growth, within the ever changing marketplace, through a combination of market-leading Sales Acceleration technology and consulting services - delivering a data and insights driven culture.

TRED delivers the instrumentation and capability your revenue generation ecosystem needs to anticipate what’s next and identify the actions that will have the greatest impact on growth - data into insights and insights into action.

Our technology partner's software, used by organisations such as Google, Yahoo, CBRE, Vodafone, EMC2, Deloitte, ca and LinkedIn, enables better decision making for leadership through improved sales performance and effectiveness, pipeline probability and authentic forecasts.

TRED helps you perform better. We deliver you a stronger measurable ROI, value for money with a faster payback period.

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